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About Us - Efkan Efe.

Our vision


We turn many artistic activities into more colorful designs and applications by including in your ideas in our work done by our team which is made of graduates fromvarious departments of Marmara University of Fine Arts.

Among our activies there are artistic works and applications which vary from consruction site assigments that need teamwork to the boutique products that emerge from individual works.

We bring infinitely various designs ( you can see the examples in the catalogue ) which need both labor and patience together with your dream places.

We recreate the decorations and layouts , paintings or ornamentations you desire by combining them with our knowledge and experience.

Late Ottoman style which has eclectic form that has been created by synthesizing Ottoman Teyzinat Art , pioneer of in its era , and Tezyinat Art which rose in Europe , undoubtedly , is the richest among ornaental arts of modern day.


Our mission


Recreating the traditional style with modern colors and forms should constiute the indispensable approach of modern day ornamental art concept.

Knowing tradition has always been the first condition of being able to comment at any art event.

Mastering Traditional Tezyinat Art has been the most important condition to know European and world art and to recreate by combining them with our art.

Current and inventive designs mean creating a different art concept by combining the identity of Anatolia which is called the cradle of civilizations with extraordinary and innovative approaches and using it in occasions interior and exterior place applications included.

Exclusive works emerge when the approachis genıine and creative.

Especially we keep our art which has arich history alive this way.Arts which are not genuine cannot last.

Our biggest object is , beside being exclusive , making the 21 st century's art last as an inspiration to future gene rations.



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7/24 Service.

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0216 357 51 51
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